The limited space of any apartment also requires cleanliness and thorough cleaning. You are mistaken if you think that a small space is very easy to clean. Dirt, germs, and dirt can penetrate countless corners and spaces that are hidden from view. Our experienced specialists know where to look. Clean4U workers have cleaning methods that will give shine to every inch of your apartment or condo.

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Large cleaning on a limited area
Professional cleaning of apartments in Bangkok and Pattaya is the most popular Clean4U service. Eternal lack of time, lack of necessary equipment and, finally, reluctance to do cleaning – all this leads to increased demand for this service. Indeed, why waste precious time on household chores? It is much better to spend it with children or with friends – instead of a routine struggle with dust and dirt.
Company Clean4U performs cleaning of any apartment and condo. It can be regular, general cleaning of the apartment or cleaning after repair.
Professional cleaning in the apartment involves the use of specialized cleaning products and professional cleaning equipment. That is, when ordering a general cleaning service for an apartment, you get not just working hands who will perform all cleaning procedures, but also special equipment and hypoallergenic products for cleaning any surfaces.
For cleaning, a cleaning team leaves under the control of a manager. It is equipped with the necessary supplies to create perfect cleanliness in the apartment and condo.
A must-have kit for every cleaning
– Floor cleaning
– Cleaning all furniture
– Wipe glass surfaces
– Cleaning the kitchen
– Degreasing stove and hob
– Bathroom disinfection


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