The mattress cleaning includes general cleaning of the mattress surface, removal of local contaminants and disinfection. You can order cleaning of both one and two sides of the mattress. The cleaning result also removes microorganisms, including dust mites, virus and any kind of bacteria. We use professional equipment in combination with the careful manual processing of difficult parts.

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Clean4U provides on-site dry cleaning services for mattresses in Bangkok & Pattaya.
Useful information about dry cleaning the mattress.
Various spots and smells spoil the appearance of the mattress, and dust, bacteria and dust mites are dangerous to the health of households. In order for the mattress to serve for a long time and not threaten health, a systematic dry cleaning of the mattress is necessary.
Professional dry cleaning of mattresses consists of:
– Removing dry contaminants, general fat contaminants;
Upholstery disinfection to eliminate harmful bacteria and dust mites;
Eliminate odors;
Elimination of stains (dry cleaning of the mattress from urine and blood) and stubborn dirt;
Dust cleansing;
From the equipment, our cleaners use washing and dry vacuum cleaners for the dry cleaning of Karcher mattresses. Among the mattress dry cleaners, our craftsmen use Karcher alkaline shampoos, professional disinfectants and stain removers.
The price of dry cleaning mattresses depends on the size and number of sides to be cleaned (one-sided cleaning or two-sided (including the ends of the mattress).
Why is it better to order a mattress cleaning in Clean4U?
We do not recommend dry cleaning the mattress at home with your own hands. Improper home cleaning may result in chemical burns to the upholstery, washout, deterioration of the material, and rapid surface wear. In addition, poorly washed alkaline detergents can not only destroy the upholstery material, but also cause allergic reactions and burns on the body in households. Since the sheet is a sufficiently thin material that cannot protect the skin from the effects of detergents. Particular attention should be paid to the dry cleaning of the children’s mattress, because the skin of the child is more sensitive to irritants.
How to make an order?
So, if you need dry cleaning of mattresses in Bangkok or Pattaya – contact Clean4U. We do dry cleaning of the mattress at home. Our clients know everything about competent dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. You can order a dry cleaning of the mattress by contacting us by phone, Line, Messanger or by leaving a request on the site.


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