Sofa Dry Cleaning is the process of splitting dirt by exposing it with special chemicals (solvents), followed by removal of the used compound. The most common and best type of dry cleaning of contaminated upholstered furniture is wet depth cleaning using special chemical compounds and extractor equipment. This type of treatment is recommended for the removal of persistent chronic pollution, odors of sweat, urine and other organics.

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Useful information about sofa dry cleaning
Upholstered furniture is prone to various stains and stains. Moreover, it absorbs dust and other allergens that are harmful to health.
Professional dry cleaning of the sofa includes:
– Removal of dry dirt;
– Upholstery disinfection to eliminate harmful bacteria;
– Odor elimination;
– Removing stains and stubborn dirt;
– Dust removal;
– Moisturize leather / eco-leather (provided that the sofa is made of the materials mentioned).
How much does a dry cleaning sofa cost?
Dry cleaning price depends on the number of seats, the presence of a sliding part in the sofa, type of fabric (textiles, eco-leather, leather). The base price is based on the number of seats. From the equipment, the cleaners use washing and dry professional vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture. We use detergents for upholstered furniture Karcher, Dr. SCHNELL, Kiehl.
Many people ask themselves: how to do dry cleaning of the sofa yourself?
We do not recommend dry cleaning the sofa at home. Such manipulations can cost you spoiled upholstery. In addition, poorly washed alkaline detergents can further destroy the upholstery material and cause allergic reactions in households.
Why is it better to order sofa cleaning in Clean4U?
If you need a good cleaning of upholstered furniture, trust the specially trained Clean4U cleaners. Our craftsmen will determine the type of fabric and dirt, pick up the right detergents and stain removers, and remove the smell. The result of the work will put an end to the question of why dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is needed.
You can order dry cleaning by contacting us by phone or by leaving a request on the site. We work both in Bangkok and in Pattaya. Without holidays and weekends.


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