Imagine the situation. You have to move to a house that is in poor condition. In any case, your task is to eliminate the clutter. Often this mess is so terrible that it is impossible to understand where to start cleaning. If you find yourself in a situation where the thought of cleaning your home is scary, then why not call the company that solves such problems? Contact Clean4U and we’ll be happy to help.

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Villas and houses have more living space, more glazed surfaces, more cleaning places and more inaccessible corners with constant increased pollution, which can be difficult to clean up. We offer you to entrust house cleaning to us – a professional cleaning company Clean4U. Make an order and save your time and energy for your favorite affairs and worries.
The service, depending on the order of the cottage subscription service or one-time cleaning, includes the following cleaning activities:
– Complete cleaning of surfaces from dust, including dust removal of ceilings and fixtures – Window glass washing: frames, window sills, low tides. Removing, if necessary, traces of construction tape.
– Thorough cleaning of plumbing, mirror surfaces
– Cleaning and mopping skirting boards
– Unpacking appliances and furniture (if need)
– Taking out the trash
– At all stages of cleaning, we use competently selected detergents that are safe for health and the surface being cleaned, but are effective in combating pollution.
Use the service order form on the site right now, and we will contact you to discuss the details and coordinate the time. And also, we provide a free service manager to assess the cost and volume of work.
You make the decision, and we make good house cleaning.


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