The service of washing windows and glass surfaces in the office requires training and considerable skill. It would seem that a technically uncomplicated procedure for washing windows and stained-glass windows can be confusing. This is due to the inconvenient location of the window openings in height, the presence of gratings on the windows, blind flaps, blinds, etc.

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The windows of buildings are subjected to severe testing during operation by aggressive media, precipitation, temperature and exhaust gases of cars. On the surface of the glass there is a water stone and oil pollution, which, with the passage of time, is quite difficult to remove.
Window cleaning is carried out by experienced workers who use modern cleaning products that coat the surfaces with a special layer and repel dirt. This allows the object to remain clean for a long time.
Original windows, their purity and transparency guarantee the attraction of new customers, forming a good first impression.
The company Clean4U will quickly and efficiently perform a glazing wash of any complexity. Experienced staff and the availability of the necessary equipment gives us the opportunity to make your windows and showcases perfectly clean without scratches and in the shortest possible time.


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